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The oil and gas industry is one of the largest sectors in the world in terms of dollar value, generating an estimated $3.3 trillion in revenue annually. Oil is crucial to the global economic framework, especially for its largest producers: the United States, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Canada and China.

We pursue investments with the following characteristics:

Projects requiring $100M to $1B per funded transaction with the ability to fund additional sites or phases

Projects whereas we are the sole or primary funding agent

Public and private opportunities domiciled in sound, stable geographies

Prefer to invest in commercial-stage or pre-construction opportunities that are “shovel ready”

Structured debt terms of 10 to 25 years

Focus Areas

We are involved in all areas and markets related to energy, including energy generation, power grid ancillary services, energy/fuel logistics and distribution, and green attribute / renewable energy credits:

Oil & gas and related products (e.g. natural gas liquids, liquefied natural gas)

Infrastructure (ports, toll roads, facilities, real estate)

Coal & coal emissions reducers

Solar and Wind

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Your Success is our Rewards !

Your Success is our Rewards !